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December 2020

Purchase a Toque To Support the Thumbs Up Foundation

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Sorso Lounge Espresso & Wine Bar will be donating $5.00 to Thumbs Up Foundation with every purchase of these awesome AIRDRIE toques! “We really appreciate you thinking of us! Sorso is an important resource for Thumbs Up. We couldn’t even tell you the # of meetings – of ALL descriptions – we’ve had / held there. Although it’s been great for all of them – the ones we particularly appreciate are the ones with the people themselves who are suffering because of mental health or addiction challenges. Being able to meet at a place like yours has proven to be a powerful tool in helping bring these discussions out into the light and every day world and “normalize” the conversations. We appreciate it more than words can do justice.”

Mental Health Matters: Message from MLA Angela Pitt

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Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt has sent out a message to outline several groups committed to providing mental health support for Albertans, including the Thumbs Up Foundation. She also overviews the platforms that the Alberta government has ran to address mental health and addiction issues.

“Alberta’s government believes in helping those struggling with addiction treatment and mental health concerns with compassion, and we recognize that partnering with local advocacy groups and treatment centres is often the best way to deliver the support that Albertans need.”

“The Thumbs Up Foundation has a huge impact on our community, with nine volunteer Board Members and a group of eighteen individuals working tirelessly on the Harmonized Health project to provide community support networks and virtual programs.
Alberta’s government will continue supporting evidence-based funding programs, and ensuring that resources are there for those struggling with addiction and mental health.”

The full message can be found here.