Families Helping Families

The Project

Individuals’ mental health challenges have consequences for others within their social networks, most notably their family, and these consequences are largely ignored. TUF recognized this gap and has funded several hugely successful Families Helping Families sessions since 2018, led by Cool Family Solutions.

Families Helping Families is a 10-week group program for families with loved ones struggling with addiction and addresses the harsh reality that nothing changes if the collective family does not change. Families can participate regardless of their loved one’s state of readiness for change. The program covers how to have honest, healthy conversations about difficult situations and how to manage the associated conflict and stress, whether a loved one is ready to seek help or not.

Families who have participated in the program noted this was the first time the focus was put on them as the caregiver and continue to report more than 90% satisfaction with the Families Helping Families Program.

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"We were dealing with some difficult issues and each week we felt better equipped to handle our own emotions so that we could better help our struggling family member. My husband was quite reluctant at first, and I could see him learning a lot and taking it into practice more and more each week. It also helped us as a couple to better communicate. We were lucky to be in a fantastic group where everyone made each other feel comfortable and heard."

-- Families Helping Families Participant

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