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September 2019


Harmonized Health is a Thumbs Up pilot project.

Support for individuals and families requiring assistance for mental health and addiction care will be provided by Professionals and non-Professionals in a controlled and measured environment.

Outcomes will be recorded, measured and evaluated by a professional team with the intention of publishing a report on the effectiveness of the project.

We sincerely appreciate Pipehouse Ltd for their ability and support in creating our Harmonized Health video. We deeply appreciate their expertise and professionalism in helping us share the Harmonized Health story and highly recommend them.

May 2019



Recently, on April 30th, the Alberta Government formed cabinet, and for the first time in our Province’s history we have a minister tasked with the sole responsibility of addressing the mental health and addiction related needs of Albertans. The appointment of an Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addiction is significant for all Albertans, as it enables our government to deliver quality mental health care and addiction services to those who need them most. The Thumbs Up Foundation fully supports this new cabinet role, and we look forward to seeing all the good this will do for Albertans.


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April 2018


Airdrie Mental Health Task Force

Airdrie, AB — A multi-agency, citizen-focused, Mental Health Task Force has begun work in the greater Airdrie and Area to determine the mental health needs of citizens in the community and to seek any potential opportunities for improvement within the local systems currently providing support and services.

The Airdrie and Area Mental Health Task Force is a joint, co-sponsored initiative of the Thumbs Up Foundation and the Airdrie & Area Health Co-op. The Task Force is comprised of representatives of 10 agencies with mandates related to mental health services for Airdrie and Area citizens. Through analysis of the work of existing mental health services, community input, and area-specific research, the Task Force will map the current state of support and services available and to find opportunities for improvement…

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June 2017


Sean McCann

“It wasn’t just an event, it was an experience. People came and came together. You could feel it in the room. It wasn’t just sitting in a chair enjoying the music, it was everything we wanted it to be. People came in their various groups and they left feeling they had shared something very, very special.” – Words from our own Kim Titus about Saturday’s awesome event. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event happen—from Sean McCann to Kara Golemba to SLAM in Airdrie, to the volunteers to those who donated door prizes to Woodside Golf Course and their staff—and everyone who attended! Please find more information at the following:

January 2017


Airdrie Health Park

We are pleased to share a very exciting development for mental health care in Alberta! This made-in-Airdrie effort seeks to make Airdrie the healthiest city in Canada and build the Airdrie Health Park, which will include a hub for mental health services and care. Having Dr. Tom Feasby to lead this cutting-edge initiative is truly encouraging, and the Thumbs Up Foundation will sit as an equal entity at the AAHBC’s boardroom table to help ensure the quality and delivery of mental health care in Airdrie is the best that it can be. Please find more information at the following:–ceo-of-the-airdrie–area-health-benefits-cooperative-611215105.html

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